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Our dummy clips are fully made from silicone beads, this makes them safer, more durable and easier to clean.

All silicone beads are 100% BPA free and  food grade silicone, with a silicone clip

Clean with a damp cloth and air dry. Do not fully submerge in water as it will ruin the clip/metal parts.

The metal part of the Dummy Clip is steel and not stainless steel. If it is excessively wet you may notice some rusting over time. We recommend clipping high on your child so the clip creates a U shape: this avoids dribble running down the beads and pooling around the clip.
we also strongly discourage your child biting and chewing on the clip and beads. Dummy Clips are not teethers and are not to be mouthed. If your baby continues to pull the clip from their clothing to chew on, we recommend discontinuing use until this behaviour passes


Our Dummy Clips are Independently lab tested and certified to BS EN 12586:2007+A1:2011 Child Use and Care Articles – Soother Holder

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