Jellycat Plush toys- Curious Creatures- Limited Edition

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We have a limited edition range of Curious Creatures from Jellycat!

These plush toys have all been discontinued by Jellycat and we have gotten our hands on some before they’re gone forever, and we’re able to sell them for at least $16 less than their usual RRP! See below for details

Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn: This gorgeous galloper loves to play, charging in with her soft, suedey horn. Her sugar candy mane and plumey tail go flying out behind her when she runs. Cuddle up close to her cream cordy fur for magical unicorn dreams. Height- 35cm, RRP- $46

Pompom Candy Floss is rather unique! This quirky pal has specially coloured fur in marshmallow and lilac mottles – no two Pompoms are the same! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Adopt this playful scamp and bring some big-footed, bright and bubbly bounce to the playroom! Height- 33cm, RRP- $46

Pompom Raspberry Ripple is ready to hit the disco! This loveably lanky fluffball friend is as soft and yummy as a big bowl of ice-cream! This Pompom loves to pose in suedey pink space boots to match that cool tall neck and beak! Why not come along, strut and stroll, and be as silly as you like? Height- 33cm, RRP- $46

Solange Swan– Get ready for glamour as Solange Swan waddles into town on gorgeous big grey feet! Scrumptiously creamy, with wispy wings and a big beany bottom, she’s perfectly perched. This model bird is a pristine poser, thanks to her long, sturdy neck. Our hearts are a-flutter! Height 42cm, RRP- $48

Cordy Roy Flamingo is loud and proud, with cool cordy feathers in bright salmon pink! This bobbly buddy loves splashing in the water, flapping those neat wings and waggly tail. Gorgeously textured with a chunky squidgy beak, this fun flamingo is simply peachy! Height 30cm, RRP $46

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Ursula Unicorn, Pompom Candy floss, Pompom Raspberry ripple, Solange Swan, Cordy Roy Flamingo


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