Kids Memory Game

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As kids grow and approach school age, the importance of learning through play increases.
Through games and playing, children can nurture their imagination, improve their ability to listen, as well as develop important cognitive skills that will aid in their future development.

Memory games can improve other brain functions, such as attention, concentration, and focus. They give space to critical thinking and help children with their attention to detail. Memory games can improve visual recognition, as linking 2 related items helps improve visual discrimination which will lead to an acceleration in distinguishing images from one another.

Our Memory game is best suited for kids approximately 2 years plus, or when a child is able to recognise an object on a picture.

Each set contains 20 tiles, 10 x pairs of 2.

Each tile measures 5cm x 5cm and the game comes in a reusable bag


Place all tiles face down and mix them up to separate the pairs.

Line the tiles up in 4 rows of 5 (face down)

The youngest player starts,  flipping over 2 tiles to try and make a match. If a match is not made, flip the tiles back face down, taking care to remember where the pictures were that have previously been flipped. The  next player  then has a turn flipping 2 tiles. If a match is made, the player collects the pair and puts them in front of themselves, they then get another turn flipping over 2 tiles.

Continue until all pairs have been made

The winner is the player with the most pairs

Please note that the pieces of this game are not teethers and not intended to be mouthed. Children under the age of 3 must be supervised when playing this game.


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