Nappy Wallet

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Number 1 recommended product by our biggest supporter… Our Mum.

Gone are the days when we venture out with the kids and everything but the kitchen sink. Forget the big, heavy, bulky nappy bag. Big enough for everything you need, just grab and go.

Keep one in the boot of your car, one under the pram and one with the grandparents.

Back when I was still in the thick of it, I’d keep 4 newborn nappies, a change of clothes, half a pack of wipes and a small bum cream minimum in my nappy wallet.

Designed with a large button and button loop so they can be undone with 1 hand, because we know the other one is holding a small child in place. Velcro to keep things in place.

Tried and tested to hold a full 80 pack of wipes and 4 size 7 nappies.

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