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These ROSE coloured bowls are (unfortunately for us- yay for you!) SECONDS, due to sun fading on the shelf

(yep I’ve moved the rest to a different spot now- we won’t make that mistake again!)

The fading is minor, varies per plate and bowl and doesn’t at all affect the use of the plate- as you can see in the pic it’s just the one side where the light hit it

No returns on seconds


Plate- 25cm long, 16cm wide, 2.5cm deep.

Bowl- 15cm diameter, 3.5cm high at lower side, 5.5cm high at higher side

These are made from the same type of silicone as our silicone beads- food grade & nasty free; as well as dishwasher and microwave safe 

(To get the suction like in my video, I wet the base slightly, then pressed down firmly)

The video below shows the plate lifting an ikea high chair and not breaking suction



These are not magic plates and bowls. If your baby has worked out how to break the seal on other suction plates, then chances are they’ll do the same thing on ours.

If your baby has worked out how to break the seal of the plate/bowl, consider removing the tray from the highchair and sitting them at the table or counter. A different feeding environment should distract them from the plate/bowl.

Plates and bowls also suction to wooden surfaces and laminate, and extremely well to stone surfaces.

For best suction, ensure surface is clean and dry. We advise sticking the plate when empty and then add food once stuck.

Some highchairs have a matte finish, the the plates and bowls don’t like this. We suggest covering the tray in clear contact to alleviate this issue.

A bowl that is constantly being thrown to the floor as the child has worked out the seal is not useless. Once the plate throwing stage of development has passed, it can again be used for its intended purpose.

Plates and bowls are also great as your children grow and begin to feed themselves as they don’t slip around on the table when they are using cutlery and scooping pressing against the side of the bowl.
Unfortunately, we will not be replacing or refunding bowls that ‘don’t stick’ because kids have worked out how to remove them.

Occasionally, some foods with high natural colorings may slightly discolor the silicone (eg curries and bolognaise). Please note that this is usually not permanent and should clear up in a few washes. Alternatively, a couple of hours on the windowsill in the sun will naturally bleach away the mark. Obviously any marking that may occur on the plate or bowl from foods you put in it is out of our control and we will not provide replacements in these instances.

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