Silicone suction plates & bowls (RESTOCKED!)

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Tired of your kids throwing their plates and bowls and their contents onto the floor every.damn.meal.time?

Yeah, us too. So when we saw these we just had to have them!

Plates are sectioned to allow food to be divided. Silicone for easy cleaning and A HUGE SUCTION TO KEEP THEM ON THE TABLE.

Bowls are slightly higher on one side to help your smalls keep their food in the bow when scooping.

Buy on their own or together in a set and save a few $$$

Available in a range of colours to suit everyone’s taste.


Plate- 25cm long, 16cm wide, 2.5cm deep.

Bowl- 15cm diameter, 3.5cm high at lower side, 5.5cm high at higher side

These are made from the same type of silicone as our silicone beads- food grade & nasty free; as well as dishwasher and microwave safe 

(To get the suction like in my video, I wet the base slightly, then pressed down firmly)

The video below shows the plate lifting an ikea high chair and not breaking suction.














Additional information

Can I please have...

A bowl, A plate, A set

Plate colour

No plate for me today thanks, Ether, Sage, Wildberry, Mustard, Pastel blue, Baby blue, Baby Pink, Sand

Bowl colour

No bowl for me today thanks, Baby pink, Baby blue, Ether, Sage, Wildberry


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