Silicone spoons || Clearance colours

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Clearance colours that we will no longer be stocking

Our Baby Spoons are the perfect first utensils for your child.

Made of super soft silicone, they’re perfectly soft for sore gums, and wont hurt any developing teeth.

The larger spoons (fawn), are perfect for your toddler to hone in on the fine motor skills feeding themselves.

The smaller silicone spoons (lime green) are also great for parents feeding baby’s first solids as they have a slightly bent shape; the larger spoons are straight and roughly the same length as a teaspoon


These spoons are all made from the same type of silicone as our silicone beads; all food grade silicone & nasty free, as well as dishwasher safe 


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Old Wildberry spoon, Fawn spoon, Lime green spoon


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